Head-to-Toe Treatments

Whether you are planning a holiday, preparing for a night out or just need to relax and be pampered, our head-to-toe treatments will have you fully relaxed and ready to go.

Spa Hydration
Prepare your skin for maximum UV results by relaxing in radiant infrared heat and a blend of tropical steam aroma liquids, vitamins A, E and C, dead sea mineral salts, plant collagen, elastin, green tea extract, aloe vera and Co210. Prolong your tan by improving your skin’s tone and texture. Protect and rejuvenate by cleansing and moisturizing your skin, leaving your body feeling healthier and silky smooth for days.

Infrared Sauna Benefits
  • Increases blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Provides pain relief from arthritis, migraines and muscle tension
  • Reduces stress, fatigue, dry skin, cellulite, eczema and acne
  • Provides body detoxification and boosts the immune system
  • Burns calories and controls weight

Essentials – Spa Manicure
Take a moment to enjoy the essentials of this treatment starting with an aromatherapy soak, cuticle and nail care, a hand and arm massage, paraffin dip and finish with a polishing of the nails. 45 minute session – $35.

Longing – Spa Pedicure
Relax and drift away in warmth and comfort while soothing your aching muscles in your very own massage chair. Enjoy an aromatherapy foot soak, trimming and shaping of the nails and cuticle, removal, exfoliating scrub, moisturizing foot and leg massage, warm wax paraffin treatment and finish with a buffing and polishing of the nails. This is the treatment your tired feet have been longing for. 75 minute session – $48.

Express – Pedicure
Only have a little time to pamper those tired feet? This treatment includes an aromatherapy foot soak, trimming and shaping of the nails, cuticle and callus removal, exfoliating scrub and finish with a buffing and polishing of the nails. This treatment will have your feet feeling energized. 50 minute session – $40.

Therapeutic Touch
Therapeutic touch is a safe and gentle healing practice where the practitioner consciously directs the body’s energy with the intention of promoting deep relaxation and calmness within, decreased stress, anxiety and pain. The body has a complex pattern of energy and when the body’s energy is balanced and restored, accelerated healing is facilitated. 50 minute or longer session – $45/ 3 sessions – $120.

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